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Weddings & Banquets

The information and policies listed below are intended to facilitate a successful event for you and your guests. Fremont Golf Club even allows you, the host or hostess, the ambiance of your own private restaurant or extension of your home at affordable prices, with minimal effort on your part.

Our Menus are designed to offer you a wide variety of foods. We would be pleased to create a menu specifically for your event. Unless you are doing a buffet dinner, we would request you limit your selection to one item. We find that we can best serve your requirements with this arrangement in terms of speed of service and accuracy. If you have a special dietary need please let us know so that we can accommodate. Fremont Golf Club does not allow extra food to be taken home due to Nebraska Health Code.

Charges: The room fee for a Non-Member Wedding at The Fremont Golf Club is $900.00 for parties of 200 or more (whole clubhouse). The room rental fee for a Non-Member Wedding at The Fremont Golf Club is $700.00 for parties of 200 or less (whole clubhouse with portable bar and existing dance floor) not including bar area. Club bar and Bar Dining will be Open to Club Members. Both of these deposit  are refundable fully up to one year in advance before the event, 50% refundable up to 6 months in advance before the event and no refund after 6 months before the event. Pre-Nuptial fee is $100 non refundable. The Fremont Golf Members are Not Required to Pay Room Rental Fees. All Food & Beverage items will be Charged a 18% Gratuity and 7% Sales Tax. Our Linen, Votives, Hurricane Candles, Table Skirts, Bartenders, Servers, etc. are included at No Extra Charge. Rented Linens, Tent Rental, Entertainment, Decorations, etc. that Fremont Golf Club does not carry will be at an additional charge.

Food & Bar Minimum Spending:Food & Beverage for parties of 200 or more guests must meet a minimum spending of $5,000 or more (inclusive) for food and beverage. Food & Beverage for parties of 200 or less must meet a minimumspending of $3,000 or more (inclusive) for food & beverage. Also all food must be paid for 2 weeks in advance of function by credit/debit card only. Any bar charges must be handled the night of the event by credit/debit card only.

Guarantee:A final “Guarantee” is required to be called in to the Fremont Golf Club Office 48 hours prior to the event. The “Guarantee” is the minimum number for which you will be charged and is not subject to reduction. If the actual count exceeds the guarantee, the responsible party will be billed for the total over the guarantee.

Booking Process:Once a date has been agreed upon, deposit has been received and contract has been signed you have a confirmed date for your event. At this time we will meet with you to go over the details of your event.  All details must be firmed up prior to 30 days before the event.


Fremont Golf Club is a Members Only Private Club